Who Are We?

Twitter Boost is a dedicated Twitter Marketing service provider, which helps individuals or businesses to boost their business on the biggest social marketing platform, Twitter. Our services include achieving a targeted number of followers, building massive business exposure through Twitter, etc.

What Makes Us Better than Others?

We have meticulous Twitter marketing packages in offering to the clients. “Buy Twitter Followers” is one of the most sought after Twitter marketing services. Most of the companies deliver fake followers to achieve the client specified targeted numbers of followers. It of course helps to enhance a number of fans, but it does not help in enhancing business reputation. We offer organic fans or followers so that businesses can get positive exposure with the increasing number of fans or followers.

Why Should You Buy Followers in Twitter?

Buying followers means enhancing the amount of followers for a business profile in Twitter. It certainly enhances the credibility of a business. The more followers a business account on Twitter can acquire, the better chances for business profitability through enhanced sales it will enjoy. Moreover, a business account, having good number of followers, always looks trustworthy.

What Is the Time Span for Delivering Guaranteed Followers?

We first scrutinize the Twitter account, provided by clients. All privacy settings are checked and changed, if needed so that followers can get in touch with the business profile easily. After scrutiny, the profile has been forwarded to our Twitter marketing experts. Depending upon your selected package, the time span for delivering services varies. Generally, within a short time of 24 to 48 hours, 5000 followers are delivered.

Will Twitter Ban Such Accounts?

Many people have the misconception that acquiring too many followers in a short time will lead to ban of account on Twitter. We provide our services, maintaining Twitter guidelines properly, Moreover, we deliver organic followers. Hence, there is no risk at all, regarding account suspension, ban, etc. We have delivered our services to more than 12,000 companies, so far all of them are doing well and their accounts have not been suspended.

Should You Share Your Password?

Being an ethical company, a truthful service provider for Twitter marketing, we strictly maintain our clients’ interests. We pledge you not to share your twitter account password with us. Client security is always our concern and thus, we maintain secured services for them. If your business profile on Twitter needs certain changes, our executives will get in touch with you to make you understand the things neatly.

Will the Followers Stay Permanently?

This is an obvious concern for the service seekers. In many, few companies play the trick of delivering fake followers. Just after you pay for their services, you will find number of followers is decreasing. We provide guaranteed services to the clients. Our organic followers will never unfollow your business page on Twitter. By any chance, if you find a few followers have ‘unfollowed’ you, we vow to deliver the same number of followers as compensation.

Will I Get ‘Active’ Followers?

There is no meaning of having followers, who are not at all active. It is a common expectation that followers must re-tweet the posts. It will only happen in case of organic followers. If most of the followers have fake profile, you will never be benefitted through your tweets. We guarantee organic followers, who will comment and re-tweet your posts. This will help you to gain better business exposure in Twitter.

Will You Contact My Present Followers? Will They Know That I’m using This Service?

No, we do not contact any of your existing followers. Neither we will send them any email nor will they be contacted via Twitter. We are an ethical service provider and maintaining client interests and benefitting them with our services are our sole motto.

Will You Get “I follow you, you follow me” Schemes?

Our service features enhancing Twitter follower for a personal or business page. We only cater organic followers without any sorts of hidden conditions. Our service never indulges in such controversial schemes.

I Purchased Your Services, but Yet to See Changes – When I expect to See Targeted Number of Followers?

We usually deliver our services within 24 to 48 hours. Wait till that time.
If you have some further questions, feel free to get in touch with us.